Running as a path to inner growth.


Running can be a means to develop self-awareness, self-control, self-confidence, and stress-relief skills. It can positively impact inner growth and well-being and help achieve better balance in life.

Running as a path to inner growth.2023-09-25T13:09:18+03:00

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


In conclusion, a beautiful quote: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt. Dream big! Whether it's the dream of completing your first marathon or moving to another country, dream big! Whatever you think and dream of - Anything is possible!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.2023-09-25T14:02:36+03:00

Tallinn Marathon 2023: My personal record!


This weekend is the big running party. I went out to celebrate today too, and I'm still in a high spirits. Don't know if there will be a hangover tomorrow? Or should I go for a run tomorrow? 😀

Tallinn Marathon 2023: My personal record!2023-09-25T15:43:37+03:00

Step by step to the second marathon.


Autumn is approaching, and my second marathon is just around the corner. There are still about 2.5 months to go. My second marathon takes place on the 19th november, in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. I'm looking forward to that day with excitement.

Step by step to the second marathon.2023-09-26T22:09:52+03:00

Mud, mud, and more mud!


Today, I want to share an incredible adventure called Mud Run. I managed to participate in a 10 km Mud Run and completely obliterate my running skills 😃. Because there was very little running to be done on that course. It was more about crawling, swimming, jumping, and climbing. Oh yes, and you could also slide down. Supposedly, the actual length of this course was 9.6 km, but when you were on the course, it felt longer than a marathon!

Mud, mud, and more mud!2023-09-29T18:52:41+03:00

Run from Munamägi to Pirita.


Thank you to the organizers of TipustTopini, you're doing valuable work. Although this journey is exhausting, it actually helps you grow as a person. It teaches you how to cope with difficulties, both on the running track and in real life.

Run from Munamägi to Pirita.2023-09-29T21:18:24+03:00

Women make waves.


After a long time, I participated in the Maijooks race again and was not disappointed. The weather was exactly as ordered, sunny and not too hot. In the meantime, a cool breeze was blowing, gently caressing the overheated skin from the run. The track was beautiful, and the organization was excellent.

Women make waves.2023-10-02T12:38:56+03:00

That’s when the body says no.


Constant stress is not good. Stress should occur in waves, but it becomes a problem when that wave becomes very high or even constant – without ups and downs.

That’s when the body says no.2023-10-02T13:49:51+03:00


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