Gran Canaria Maspalomas Marathon 2023

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Unbelievable, I have completed my second marathon! Since January, when I decided to participate in the Maspalomas Marathon, I have been eagerly anticipating this moment. Now, the time has finally come. A bit of a bittersweet feeling, yet also good that you can now take it a bit easier.

Two weeks until the Maspalomas Marathon

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I haven't written anything here for two weeks, and I thought it's time to pull myself together and put something down on paper 😄 As you can see from the title of the post, there are still two weeks left until the marathon. In fact, a little less than that. Right now, I'm reaching the end of twenty weeks of training plan. The harder part is behind me because I'm currently in the marathon taper phase.

True satisfaction comes from purpose and meaning, not success.

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That's what running teaches us, that the true value of life lies in the goals we set and their deep meaning. This is the road where every step, every breath, and every drop of sweat tells us that joy and satisfaction come from living each moment fully and meaningfully. Because running is more than just speed or distance; it is life itself that teaches us.

Stormy adventure at Tartu City Marathon

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It was quite a stormy weekend. Actually, the storm is still raging, and I'm reading here how there are power outages all over Estonia, and trees are flying. And besides trees, roofs and building facades have also been flying, which is quite scary. Fortunately, the storm didn't cause any harm to me; on Saturday, I even completed a half marathon in Tartu, defying the storm.

Running as a path to inner growth.

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Running can be a means to develop self-awareness, self-control, self-confidence, and stress-relief skills. It can positively impact inner growth and well-being and help achieve better balance in life.

“Never give up on your DREAM just because it takes time to accomplish. Time will pass anyway.”

“Never give up on your DREAM just because it takes time to accomplish. Time will pass anyway.”

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