Time is ticking away relentlessly, and there are only 9 weeks left until the Gran Canaria Marathon. It feels like just yesterday when at the beginning of the year, I made my plan and decided that I wanted to run my second marathon abroad. I sat down and started searching for where I wanted to run it. Since I really enjoy warmth and sunshine, the Maspalomas Marathon in Gran Canaria caught my eye. Plus, I absolutely love the Spanish language. The thought keeps ticking in my head constantly that I’ll start learning this beautiful language myself one day.

I noticed that, currently, besides me, three more Estonians have registered for the marathon. One of them is actually my mom. She has set her mind on running her first marathon. Meanwhile, she hasn’t really done much training for it. Her training consists of occasional running races that she participates in. Now, she has promised to start doing proper training as well. 😀. The marathon has a time limit of 7 hours, so anyone who is reasonably active and healthy can complete it. Of course, it’s another matter how healthy it is to run a marathon without proper preparation

In addition, there are runners from all over the world participating in the marathon. From Finland to Malaysia and beyond. After the marathon, there is also a 10 km race scheduled, and in addition, you can run the marathon as part of a team. The first runner covers half, which is 21.1 km, and the second runner covers the remaining 21.1 km. A great opportunity to run a marathon if you don’t want to complete the full 42.2 km yourself 😀.

. If anyone has the desire and appetite to come to Gran Canaria for a run, you can find information about the marathon here – https://grancanaria-maspalomasmarathon.com/en/ I put together my trip on my own. I bought my round-trip plane tickets just yesterday and got them for around 300 euros. I’m going through Bergamo and staying there for one night before taking the second flight to Gran Canaria. I’m coming back through Barcelona without staying overnight. The flight times are also more or less reasonable. You don’t have to spend the night at the airport in the middle of the night. I also got accommodation for two people for six days for 460 euros. When you divide it, the plane tickets and accommodation come to around 550 euros per person, which I think is a very good price. Going through a travel agency can add a significant extra cost.

So now it’s certain – I’m running my second marathon on the 19th. In November, in Gran Canaria There’s no turning back now; the plane tickets are booked, and I have to go. 😀. I’m so excited and eagerly anticipating it like a child waiting for Christmas. Every time I do a running workout, I imagine myself running through the streets of Maspalomas with Spanish cheers from the sidelines echoing in my ears.

My long run.

Now it’s time to give my best and do everything to make my goal – a marathon time of 3:59 – a reality. Actually, I know that anything is possible. Your body can handle almost anything; it’s your mind you have to convince.

And what running has also taught me is to listen to my body. I’ve had a slight lack of energy this week, and yesterday on my long run, I had planned to do a 25 km run. However, I felt tired, and it was as if my body was saying, “enough for today,” so I did 21 km instead. You don’t always have to strictly follow your training plan.

In conclusion, a beautiful quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. Dream big! Whether it’s the dream of completing your first marathon or moving to another country, dream big! Whatever you think and dream of – Anything is possible! It’s another matter how willing you are to step out of your comfort zone and take action. For me, it used to be a dream that one day I would run a marathon. It seemed so distant and unattainable for me at first. But I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take action.

See you on the running track!

Autor: Gerda

Used to be someone who didn’t care much for sports, but I’ve become a fitness enthusiast in a good way. After completing my first marathon, I was filled with euphoria and happiness. I sat down and wrote down everything that came from within me. To my surprise, I discovered that I enjoy writing, and that’s when the idea of starting a blog was born.

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