The great summer has come to an end, and unfortunately, it passed by at lightning speed. After a stressful spring, I rested and did a lot of running workouts. For those who don’t know yet, I became internationally accredited as an EREPS personal trainer at level 4. This journey was one of the toughest in my life. But I did it!

I can now call myself a personal trainer :)

Not too long ago, I didn’t have the courage to go to the gym alone, and here I am now – a personal trainer! Right now, I’m not conducting any training sessions. During the spring, as part of my studies, I had two clients whom I trained for my thesis. After graduation, I was so tired of everything. I was working full-time, training clients, studying, and writing my thesis. I felt that I needed a break and some time off after graduation. I took the summer easy and just relaxed.

Now I’m thinking about whether and how I will start working as a trainer. I really enjoyed helping people and seeing progress in my clients. Anyway, I am very grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained during the personal trainer training.” I learned a lot about myself and became much richer in experience.

Autumn is approaching, and my second marathon is just around the corner. There are still about 2.5 months to go. My second marathon takes place on the 19th november, in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. I’m looking forward to that day with excitement. I have been to Gran Canaria once, I think it was about 16 years ago. That was my first trip to a southern destination. And the memories of it are warm.

Why did I choose Gran Canaria? That’s because I wanted to run in a warm climate, and November is always the darkest month.” November is a month when the sun rarely shows itself. As a sun-loving person, I wanted a running experience that was full of sunshine and warmth. The temperatures there in November are on average around 20-22 degrees Celsius during the daytime. Which, in my opinion, is quite ideal for running. Just have to pray that the temperatures don’t get too high on marathon day by chance 😀.

I have been training independently following a running plan I found online. This year, I decided to try training on my own without a coach’s assistance. I got this idea during my personal trainer training. We also had some lectures on endurance sports there, and we learned a bit about creating training plans. My goal is to run my second marathon in around 4 hours. Ideally, in 4 hours or slightly less.

Why that specific time? Because I completed my first marathon in 4 hours and 39 minutes. And I believe that I am capable of being at least half an hour faster. Of course, in my dreams, I finish in 3 hours and 59 minutes. 😀. In my first marathon, my pace was 6 minutes and 30 seconds per kilometer, and for the second one, I plan to run at least 6 minutes per kilometer.

I started searching for running plans online and found a website like this – It’s a very useful website – you can find everything related to running on it, as well as training plans for both beginners and advanced runners. I chose this plan from the website – This plan is designed for an advanced runner who wants to run a marathon in under four hours.

As I mentioned, my dream is to achieve a time of 3 hours and 59 minutes. It would be amazing if I could break the 4-hour barrier, even if it’s just by 1 minute! There’s only one ‘but’ to it. In order to run one minute under 4 hours, my pace needs to be at least 5 minutes and 41 seconds per kilometer. I don’t know if I’m capable of running at that pace for 42.2 kilometers. But I’ll do my best.

How am I doing with this plan? Well, right now I’m about halfway through it. The plan is for 20 weeks, and I’m currently in the 10th week. I don’t follow the plan 100 percent in that sense. I adapted it to fit my own needs. In the plan, there are four running sessions per week, but I added the fourth run sometime after the fourth week. Until then, I was running three times a week. My weekly mileage is also currently lower than in the plan. Since I added the fourth run only recently, I shouldn’t increase the mileage too abruptly. So, I’m gradually increasing it slowly and steadily.

I’m also listening to my body and trying not to push myself too hard. The plan consists of four runs per week . Two of them are runs where I run at the pace I want to complete the marathon. Additionally, one interval run to build speed, and one long, steady run. At the moment, my longest run has been 20 kilometers. I usually save the long runs for the weekends because there’s more time.

During the summer, I ran in interesting places.

I have to admit that the long runs are getting progressively harder. Especially mentally, it’s somehow hard to convince myself to go on a two-hour run.😀. Once the first 5 km are done, it gets easier from there. My only concern right now is where to run. The long runs are getting longer, and soon there are runs planned that are over 30 kilometers. I’m here planning where to run it so it won’t be boring 😀. In my hometown, there aren’t many interesting long-distance running routes, and I don’t enjoy running alongside the road.

There are still ten weeks to go, and the toughest part is still ahead. I’m going to start sharing weekly updates on this blog about how my journey is going. Why am I doing this? Just to inspire and motivate at least one person to get moving. I used to be a completely sports-averse woman. I discovered running for myself only at the age of 30, and in general, I was not very physically active. Sports and physical activity have helped me tremendously, both mentally and physically. If only I had discovered it earlier. But better late than never.

Next week, I have a half marathon waiting for me at the Tallinn Marathon. I’m looking forward to it with great enthusiasm. Running races always provide super positive energy and fill me with positive emotions. Last year, I participated in this event for the first time, and the memories are bright. It’s a powerful and grand event for running enthusiasts. Like one big runners’ party!

See you on the running track!

Autor: Gerda

Used to be someone who didn’t care much for sports, but I’ve become a fitness enthusiast in a good way. After completing my first marathon, I was filled with euphoria and happiness. I sat down and wrote down everything that came from within me. To my surprise, I discovered that I enjoy writing, and that’s when the idea of starting a blog was born.

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